Winter Hair with Simon

This month we are looking at Winter in our beauty treatments. So yesterday Simon from Syphon Hairdressing joined me in studio to talk about the effects of winter on you hair.

Looking at the styles that are fun this winter, Simon was saying that we are seeing a lot of Pixie cuts, which is actually a Summer style. And the reason for this interesting fact is that we are following Europe in their styles and at the moment they are in Summer, which leads us to not necessarily having hairstyles for our climate.

But luckily we are living in a free country and as with most things, we pick and choose from a variety of options and make our own. Therefore you can go short, for easy styling and maintenance or long for a warm cozy feel. It is entirely up to  you, but be sure to add a fabulous fringe in the mix as they are still big this winter.

Talking about the colours this winter, we are looking at our skins getting lighter, our clothes getting darker and the days shorter, therefor to get the snug warm feel in your hair, go a couple a shades darker. We are looking at dark, warm browns, reds and blacks to make us feel toastie inside.

Simon says (which means you have to do it ;)) anyone can go darker as long as you keep the tones of the colours the same, so be sure to ask your hairdressers opinion on the exact colour you sould go for.

Treating your hair nicely this winter, speak to your stylist to make sure you don’t over/under condition your hair. Curly hair is going to need more help as the natural oils of your hair don’t past the first curl by themselves. Comb them through when you are home alone (your hair might go a bit bushy, but it is for a good cause in the long run).

Always blow dry in the direction that your roots are growing, to keep the hair flat and looking good. If you need more volume, blow dry it upside down. Or  right side up, but in circular motions, changing direction often. Do this until it is at least 80% dry before you add product and start styling with a brush. Remember to use heat protecting products to protect you hair.

Invest in a decent hairdryer if you are serious about styling and for us curly haired people… a diffuser (it is magical). The trick is to not move it around to much. Scrunch the hair and keep it still, gently let is down after it gets a bit hot and do the next part.

Hope these tips can help you throughout the winter months. Stay tuned for more ideas in the beauty realm and be sure to go visit Simon at Syphon Hairdressing. Macardo Centre, Admirilty way, Summerstrand. 0415832974