The exciting adventures of Henck Conrey

This vibrant young man joined me in the studio today. I can’t remember the last time I had so much energy in front of me, he truly is a bundle of fun. I know Henck from school days and we did a play together last year, so you’d think that I’d be used to his energy, but I think it has escalated since the last time I saw him. And no wonder, he has been on the move. Grabbing the opportunities life has put in front of him and making them a success.

Henck starting out in Johannesburg

What’s Henck doing for Nelson Mandela Bay?

Finding out what Henck has been up to this last year has been a lot of fun, from relocating to Johannesburg, starring in TV shows and starting his own Production Company, life can’t get much busier for this man.

To get hold of him, try Google 😉