Winter Make-Up with Estelle

Winter makes it feels like everything is drying out and colours are changing all around us. Two looks are big this winter and Estelle Cunningham gave us the lowdown on these as well as some helpful advice on putting the moisture back into your skin.

During winter we tend to have air conditioning on in the office or at home to make things warmer, which leads to our skin drying out even more. So keep a jug of water nearby to replace some moisture in the air and also drink a lot of water (always a given) or herbal teas with no sugar or milk (rooibos counts).


If you have dry, chapped lips never peel the skin off with your teeth or lick it to try and replace moisture.

Exfoliation is the key to keeping them smooth. Use a thick ointment (Zambuk salf or petroleum jelly), apply a thick layer and leave on for 10 min. Scrub off with an old toothbrush. Do as often as it feels necessary.


When it comes to exfoliating your face, use something natural and mild, as you need to do it more often in winter. We are looking at around twice a week, to ensure that your skin is able to  soak up your moisturiser. Always important to exfoliate around the eyebrows and cheekbones, as the skin there tends to dry out first.

During winter, you can use a moisturiser for dry skin, it’ll just add much needed extra moisture into the skin. If you have oily skin, don’t think it doesn’t dry out, it is still necessary to moisturize.

A good tip when it comes to moisturising is to get a thick moisture mask. You can either apply it thick and leave on for 10-15min, then wash off. Or a useful tip from Estelle is to apply  a thin layer and then leave it on overnight (like a night cream) twice a week.

Remember if your skin is more mature or dry do these techniques more often, if your skin is young and you just want to maintain it, do it less.


Keeping your hands soft and velvety throughout winter can be a tough job, therefore have a good hand cream in your bag or night stand, to apply whenever needed.

Looking at the make up styles for Winter 2011 we are seeing a cocktail of all the trends from the 50’s up to now:

50’s: bright red lips

60’s: focus on eyes (pale green’s and blue’s),

pale lips,

false lashes,

drawn in bottom lashes,

heavy eyes

70’s: brown, maroon and plum colours,

sultry look,

dark eyes and mouths

80’s: make-up matching outfit,

everything is colour coded,

bright lumo colours

90’s: natural colours (browns, beige)

more interested in skin care

now: combination of all the best

Combining these influences for this Winter, we are getting two strong looks.

Look 1:


The red mouth this winter is less orange than in the 50’s, we are leaning towards a plum-red, which looks great on darker skin and also makes green eyes pop.

If you want to bring out the blue in your eyes, focus on a maroon-red, which is also great for making teeth look less yellow.

Talking about teeth, if you want to look great with this look, be sure to take care of your teeth and keep them sparkling white.


Liquid liner and lots of mascara on the top lashes (not bottom ones) will help finish off this look gorgeously with a soft light touch of eyeshadow.

False eyelashes are a big one this Winter, even with the minimal eye make-up look. If you aren’t a big fan of the falsies, you can always build up your mascara layer by layer to get a similar effect.


Having beautiful, polished skin is huge this Winter. If you are fortunate enough to boast with that, instead of using foundation, invest in a tinted moisturiser. It will give you a gorgeous even, shimmering effect, without the heavy feel of foundation.

If you do need foundation to get your skin to look beautiful, Estelle has a helpful hint to get rid of excess foundation on your jaw line (which tends to rub off on our collar). Take a tissue and just lightly pull it from side to side under your chin to remove the excess foundation.

Look 2:


Getting the smokey effect needs not be a messy affair that’s difficult to achieve. Use lots of black. Liquid eye-liner, false lashes/lots of mascara and dark eyeshadow is what makes this look.

You need a steady hand with liquid eye-liner, which will take some practice. If you have a small eye area (between lashes and fold) apply the liner on the hairline (almost in the eye) and not on top, otherwise it will smudge. Have a cotton bud nearby to soak up the ink if you accidentally get some in your eye.

Getting the smokey look is not as difficult as it sometimes seems. Firstly , use pencils (black, grey and charcoal eyeliner), to create the desired effect smudge it with a cotton bud. Then set it with charcoal eyeshadow. you can use black as well, but that tends to get messy. Finish off with a lovely pearly white shimmer.

If you are more mature, shimmer isn’t a good idea as it enhances fine lines and wrinkles. Rather opt for a pearly or matt eyeshadow. But if you are young, shimmer is the way to go!


We want a soft natural mouth to compliment the look, but the focus needs to stay on the eyes.


See the first look for an idea of what skin is looking like this winter. For this look you can add some lovely cheek colour.

Estelle is an internationally renowned make-up specialist. You can book a consultation or make-up lesson with her on 083 624 7607 or 041 583 1540 (after hours).