Going Pixie For The Summer

With it being so hot and humid here in The Nelson Mandela Bay recently, you might just be one of those ladies who popped into Simon Clarke’s Hairdressing and chopped it all off!

The Pixie cut is a hot new favourite for a lot of people.

Halle Berry in “Die another day”

Emma Watson after finishing her role as Hermione in “Harry Potter”

Older ladies wanting less effort but lots of funkiness.

The pixie cut is the way to go.

Keep in mind it is quite a short cut. Lots of spunk, but still short. So if you are usually impulsive and getting frustrated with your long, hot-in-the-neck hair, you probably want to head there straight away and get it chopped. BUT think before you do, because if you know that you’ll miss the soft feminine look right after, the pixie cut might not be for you.

Instead, you could go for a bouncy bob, which is ever so stylish, perfect for summer and still soft and pretty. Make sure to have it shaped and styled to suit you the best. Different lengths and shapes work for different people.  And this is where the big “C” comes in…

COMMUNICATION! No, it’s not only for when you are on a marriage  course, but actually a vital part of walking away with a good haircut. You might not always be talking the same language as your hairdresser… You see brown, they see dark blonde, you see short bob, they see not so-short bob. If you don’t know the proper lingo, the end-product might not be what you want. The easiest way to get over this barrier is to take along loads of photo’s. Show them what you like, find the same style on different people and also from various angles. Tell him/her the different parts that you really like and maybe not like, so that you can come up with the perfect style for you together.

And then, lastly, if you are really not bothered by the heat. you loving your long hair, but perhaps feel it’s a bit shapeless and you are wanting to spice things up, layers are the way to go…. they have been, are and always will be a winner.

Reading this and your fingers are itching to grab the scissors? Don’t! Rather give Simon Clarke’s Hairdressing a call.

Simon will know what to do 🙂