Too Busy to Look Good?

We are all so busy running around from one appointment to the next. Whether you are professional business woman or as a stay at home mom, the first thing that goes when you don’t have time is your beauty routine. The good news is that you don’t need to get up an hour earlier to look pretty, but you do need to look groomed. So Estelle Cunningham shared some tips with us on how to always look good, by doing less with the maximum impact.

Estelle always says that the best make up is a healthy skin and to have a healthy skin doesn’t mean you need to spend ages applying creams and lotions. Here are three important things to always remember and make time for, but even they are quick and easy if you plan it right.

  • Keep your exfoliant in the show/ bath, so that it’s on hand to use when you wash your face. The more mature you are, the more often it can be use (about twice a week) as exfoliating stimulates your oil glands which moisterises the skin. You also get face washes with exfoliant in that is quite gentle on the skin and that can be used more often. However if you are still young, this is not the case for you, only use those washes about twice a week or a normal scrub even less. For the other days, use a water-soluble, no soap wash.
  • Use SPF every day. If you spend your time indoors a 15 will do, but if you are spending time outdoors you need at least a 30. Remember that if you use a moisteriser with SPF 15 in and a sunscreen that’s SPF 15, it doesn’t make it a SPF 30. If you are using a sunscreen on your face, be sure to choose a light, fluid one, that’s easy to apply and that you can wear make-up over.
  • Use a good moisteriser for your skin. If you have dry skin go for a cream based moisteriser that says for dry skin. It’ll be in a tub or a tube. If you have oily skin, go for a fluid based moisteriser. It’ll be liquid in a bottle.

The second thing to looking well-groomed is to keep your eyebrows shaped:

  • Clean them from the bottom, whether you are plucking or waxing. If you clean it from the top you’ll be changing the lines. You also don’t really need to pluck in between your brows except if you have  uni-brow.

The third step to looking naturally beautiful is having a good haircut.

  • This is something you need to invest in. Have a good, clean, neat haircut touched up often so that you permanently look well-groomed.

Once you have those three in place, it is really easy to add a bit of make-up here and there to enhance those pretty features. It’ll also make it look like you have done a lot, where as you have actually just been smart in choosing what things to worry about and what not.

The list of make-up essentials:

Foundation – Always wear a good foundation. It doesn’t have to be a heavy one, to lighten it you can also mix it with your moisteriser. It’ll apply a lot easier and feel better on your skin. When applying foundation, you should ideally use a foundation brush. It’ll be a much smoother and more thorough application. You can finish up with a touch of press powder on your “T” to set it and give a matt finish. If you have beautiful skin and you are not a big fan of foundation, you could also invest in a tinted moisteriser, which basically adds a bit of colour and life to your complexion while moisterising.

Eye-liner – When it comes to eye-liner, Estelle has got an awesome trick to be taught. You need to apply in on the lash line, not inside the eye as that make it appear smaller and also not on top of the lash line if you have a small eye area. so something that works well for everyone and that looks very natural is on the lash line. Also only apply your black/brown on the top lid and use a softer, charcoal shade on the outer edge of the bottom line. Estelle has changed her opinion about using brown eye-liner this week and even gave it a shot. She has always been a big fan of black and still is, but has had to admit that the brown black is a bit softer and more subtle for day time use. Keep the black for you dramatic look when you go out at night though.

Mascara – Having enjoyed a bit of the 80’s, Estelle is NOT into different colour mascara’s, but once again has sort of changed her opinion for our chat. She surprised me in studio by wearing a mascara with a Violet tinge along with her brown black eye liner. It is a subtle way to add some colour to your face and also brighten the eyes. You colour go for a burgundy tinge as well which will in turn bring out the blue in your eyes. Once again, for night-time, using your black mascara with your black eye-liner is what you want to make a statement

Blush – Blushes are quite in at the moment to give you that pretty blossoming look. Sometimes we do need a bit more than just the bit of colour on the cheeks, in that case you need some…

Bronzer – It works wonders if you are feeling a bit pale. You can brighten up your features by applying some bronzer to your nose, cheekbones,  forehead and chin (everywhere the sun would’ve touched) and then you lightly blend it into the rest of your face.

Lips – Lastly we take a look at our lips. A trick to have your lipstick last longer you can first colour the whole lip in with a lip pencil, which is drier than the balm and will stay on for longer. Then we put on our gloss or balm. If it’s your day-time look, go for the balm as it is more natural. However if it’s night-time and you have your dancing shoes on, gloss is the way to go. If you are like me and don’t appreciate the fact that you need to reapply lip balm all the time, try one of the lip stains that are currently on the market. With them you don’t need to colour in with a pencil before hand, as the stain itself is quite dry and it also comes with a balm to apply over the stain which then softens the lips. The darker colours will stay on the whole day, with you applying some balm whenever you feel you lips are a bit dry and the lighter colours last about 8hours, which is enough if you can cope with one touch up session.

And there you have it, a lot of info, but in apply these ideas, you’ll find it is a lot easier to look and feel pretty if you know the loopholes.

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