Already Feeling Like You Need a Holiday?

Do you feel like time is running away, you can’t get everything done and you are feeling flustered… while in the same breath you wish that 2012 would come to an end, because you are really tired and need a holiday?

You are not alone. As women we have it built-in us to serve, whether that might be at home preparing supper, helping with homework and planning lunch boxes for the next day or at work making sure your to-do-list is ticked, helping the boss solve a problem and keeping everyone happy with freshly baked scones. We tend to make sure everyone else is happy, everything is spotless and then we start taking a look at ourselves.

Unfortunately this humanitarian in us can often lead to us burning out and we need to take the responsibility to take the time-out when it’s needed. Going to the spa for a head to toe treatment would be ideal in this case, but not all of us can afford this on a regular basis. So Ingrid from IDD Skin Sense joined me in studio to give us some practical advise on how to have a relaxing at home experience once or twice a week.

Remember that fragrance is a very important thing in a woman’s life. So bring out the bubble bath, scented candles along with a glass of bubbly or wine, add in some music and you already have a recipe for success. Put the kids in bed or have hubby take care of them while you do this for about 20min (I’d go for longer, but sometimes you are just too tired).

Not only do we need the time to unwind, but we also are in need of some upkeep, so why not combine the two? Give yourself a facial before jumping in the bath to soak away the days grime and dirt. Not too sure how to do a facial at home? Here are the basics:

Use an oil based product, close to a make up remover, that penetrates the pores and loosens the dirt to get rid of the first layer of dirt and it will also help exfoliate. Then we put on a mask, adding some rooibos teabags or cucumber slices to add to the relaxation while you lie back and enjoy the bubbles. This also allows the mask to dry slightly which we will then use to micro-exfoliate by wetting our fingertips slightly and then massaging the ask into our skin. This helps to lift the black heads and other impurities that are still present.Now you just wash your face with a normal face wash to remove it all, moisterise, get into bed and sleep.

Face looking pretty but your feet aching after the whole day in heels? Then go for the pedicure at home, which if you are lucky, hubby can help you with.. Here’s what you need to do:

Run a foot spa or pedi bowl with fragrant water and disinfectant. Light some candles and put on relaxing music, so that you can sit back and enjoy the foot spa bubbling away.Then you scrub feet, do a bit of a massage to release the tension, put on a foot mask, fix up the cuticles and add a layer of paint. It is a quite a bit of work to do yourself but it’s very relaxing and if you are lucky enough you could always get your hubby to help out with the massage part. If this is not a reality for you, spoil yourself for a bit by popping into the salon for an express mani or pedi.

Sometimes we are in need of a lot of TLC and it seems like a pedicure or facial is just not going to do it? Then why not treat yourself to a full body scrub before enjoying the bubbles? Get a deliciously fragrant body scrub with essential oils, rub it on all over your body, get into the warm bath and just lie there to allow your body to soak up all the goodness. Remember to also treat your hands and feet with a scrub, which you could even do a bit before hand and wrap it in Cling wrap to give it more time to soak after which you’ll massage it into the skin and then getting into the bath to wash it off. You could also put a mask on your hair beforehand to let it experience some nourishment along with the rest of your body while you are enjoying the bubbles!