Café Capellini Goes Corporate

Name: Café Capellini

Location: 291 Cape Road, Newton Park

Business Hours: Mon – Fri 6:30-21:00, Sat 8:00-13:00

Contact Details: 041 363 2847

Chef’s Tip: Preperation, Preperation, Preperation!

Rating: 8/10

Here goes to our first post about Coffee and Cuisine and it is all about Café Capellini Corporate.  Every Thursday just after 15:30 on Kingfisher FM (103.8 and 107.5 or we have an amazing new restaurant review called Coffee and Cuisine. It’s a review that allows us to get behind the scenes in our local restaurants and coffee shops here in the Nelson Mandela Bay area.  And for the month of August we are featuring Café Capellini, here in Newton Park, as our Kingfisher FM Restaurant for the month. That means we have fabulous chats with the owner to find out more about them and also go and experience it for ourselves, while giving away great prizes for you to win.

So after having Graham (the owner) join me in studio last week and sharing with us his passion for Café Capellini in Newton Park and the special edge it has that makes it different to the others, I decided that it is time for me to go and join them and see what they are all about…

Café Capellini Corporate sounds very business like, which I have to say is not the case at all. They do thrive on being open early in the mornings and being able to cater for business breakfasts or lunches, along with this being able to cater for bigger meetings in their private boardrooms with all the technology you might need to conduct business. Being situated in Newton Park which is mainly about business throughout the week, they are always busy.

But that does not mean that the average Joe can’t join with his family or friends and it definitely does not mean that they lose their sense of humour. All over the store from posters to the menu you’ll have fun quirky statements and ways of doing things to lighten up your day.

Along with the funny quips, you can also be assured of great service all the time. Whether you are running in and out for a quick bite to eat, or planning to chat the afternoon away with some friends, you’ll always get a big smile to make your day and if that’s not enough, their coffee will definitely do the trick.

Every restaurant has their thing(s) that make them stand out and at Café Capellini you definitely need to try their Square Pizzas, “because when it comes to making Pizza’s they don’t cut corners”. It’s a healthy filling filled pizza with loads of goodness and more than enough bites in it for the hungry. Along with this they are renowned for any of their coffee items as you have so much choice and fun added to it. “Would you like your cappuccino with froth, fresh cream, vanilla cream or chocolate cream?” you see what I mean?

When hubby and myself went for some breakfast it ended up being lunch because there were so many amazing meals to choose from. I enjoyed an avo, feta and bacon tramazini which was AMAZING!!! According to me, it’s the thing to have, while hubby would argue the Italian Stallion Burger is the way to go and I’m afraid to put him straight considering how he devoured  that meal…

With our tummy’s being fully satisfied, I had a chance to appreciate some of the other meals on offer, especially those on special. And can I tell you that this is one restaurant that knows how to have fun with specials and they are not shy to have loads of them running along with competitions. Below is an example of one of their breakfasts that you need to give a shot one early morning on the way to work.