Deo Volenté the Hidden Gem

Name: Deo Volenté

Location: 29 5th Ave, Newton Park (Cnr of Shirley Str and 5th ave)

Business Hours: Mon – Fri 7:00-16:30, Sat 8:00-14:00

Contact Details: 041 364 0531

Chef’s Tip: Always use the freshest ingredients

Rating: 7/10

In our Coffee and Cuisine for September we are taking a look at Deo Volenté which is a beautiful little cosy coffee shop in Newton Park.

Margie, the owner joined us in studio last week and I was delighted to find out that she is such a sweet and thoughtful woman. When it comes to Deo Volenté she wants it to be a home away from home for you. It’s a place that’s got that family feel and restful peace to it. It’s that perfect break away place if you are having a busy day at the office and need to escape. Which is exactly what I did this week and was fortunate enough to be spoilt rotten with a delicious cappuccino and an amazing meal that truly surpassed what I expected.

When it comes to little coffee shops, I have a pre conceived idea of what I should expect and it usually means adequate service and average meals at a lazy pace and on the other hand, good coffee and reasonable prices. However with Deo Volenté  you step into this calm atmosphere with lots of laughter and people who care about your experience. In doing that they have  delicious meals on the menu that are still at the same price they were two years ago and they are beautifully presented as you can see in both these photos.

Along with taking care of what their food looks like, Margie loves making good food that they not only enjoy sharing, but enjoy eating as well. So everything on their menu is good food that’s well prepared with extra care. Above is a photo of their own home-made salad dressing. Which you might think looks similar to others on the market, but the thing is they make it themselves with herbs from their garden and some extra spices that will remain secret… for now. We’ll try to get Margie share some advice on the dressing or otherwise their famous potato wedges with us in our chef’s tip next week 😉

Not only do they do fantastic home-made cakes, wholesome meals and great coffees, but they also have a mini library with eclectic books that you can browse through, read over a cup of coffee or book out to take home till next time. And for some viewing pleasure they have beautiful photographs and paintings put up against the walls that are for sale.

So to make sure that you get the break from the hustle and bustle that you deserve, pop into Deo Volenté on the corner of Shirley Street and 5th Ave here in Newton Park and say hi from Kingfisher Fm to get your 10% discount on all food items.