Forgive Me – Lesley Pearse


This is the story of Eva Patterson who grew up in a seemingly happy family that’s filled with secrets that only start to come to light when one day, tragically she discovers her mother’s body in the bathtub where she had committed suicide. the only explanation to her actions was the note saying “Forgive me”. This event tears the family apart for reasons that you can imagine, but also for ones that don’t seem to make sense at the time until all the secrets are discovered.

As Eva’s life seems to crumble into pieces she goes on a journey of discovering the secrets from her mom’s past. She is left an artist’s studio in London, finding out that her mom was quite famous back in the day. She decides to move there and do it up, while trying to understand what had happened in the past that lead to her mother not being willing to live any more.  In doing so she finds a collection on old journals, paintings and baby clothes, believing they were left behind for her as clues and encouragement to follow the trail leading her to find out about her mother’s past and also her own.

As usual Lesley Pearse paints a beautiful picture that’s filled with colour and texture. Lots of detail, thoughts and emotions always play a part in making her stories real to us. It is no different with this book and it is a guaranteed good read that’s filled with intrigue, romance, adventure and happy endings.

If you enjoy easy reading, something that won’t challenge your way of life, but is just a story you can throw yourself into, this is a good book for you. If you enjoy Lesley Pearse books in general and already have a collection going, this is definitely one to add to that.

If you have however never read one of her books before, I can tell you that there will never be another as good as your first. She is that type of writer where every story captivates you, but they all do tend to be based on the same recipe. So with time you’ll always look back at your first one and see it as amazing as always with the rest struggling to measure up.

Personally I got bored with “Forgive Me” about three-quarters of the way through because I felt I knew how it was going to end. It was just a matter of getting the journey over and done with to get there, but this journey kept on going with a LOT of things going wrong for Eva. Just as soon as you think she can take an easy breath and shake it something else happens that pushes her over the edge. It makes for a good story, but also feels forced. It made me feel like she was weak. Raising the questions in me of how much distress this damsel needs to go through before she’ll be saved by her knight in shining armour and why does it feel like she needs him to save her? Why can’t she just get up and get it done while making the right decisions that won’t cost her her happiness?

I know…

I’m being ridiculous.

Life doesn’t work that way and neither do stories.

However, this still felt like too much.

Maybe it’s just me and maybe it’s just for now. It always amazes me how the same book can get different reactions and emotions out of you depending on where you are at in life. So if you are in a place where a good book to lose yourself and all your worries in is just what you need then go cjeck out this link for more info on Lesley and her latest book.

Here is also a clip where Penguin Publishers chat to Lesley about her inspiration behind the book. They are always more than gracious in giving me freebies to review and filling the cold winter days with great stories!