Etiquette & Espionage – Gail Carriger


Etiquette and Espionage is a fun book that most young girls need to get their hands on. It is the first book in the Finishing School Series, which is a fun fantasy world filled with innocent drama, intriguing suspense and true friendships. What more does a teenage girl want?

The Finishing School Series plays off in an era where women were taught how to be ladies and that was their sole purpose. You were taught from an early age to behave in a certain manner, to dress in a specific way and to be the perfectly demure lady that can catch a husband of the highest standing. This is also the era that you would go to a finishing school to round off your charm and skill for the job. You learn the ins and outs of playing hostess, decorating your house, planning you meals and being the perfect wife.

The main character in this book, Sophronia, has a habit of doing the most unladylike things and landing up in the most unflattering situations because she is so adventurous. Her mother does not understand why her youngest daughter can’t be a natural lady like her sisters, so there is no other option but to send Sophronia to a Mademoiselle Geraldine’s Finishing Academy. However, she doesn’t realise that the finishing school she has chosen is a very special one for an elite group of girls.

Sophrinia soon discovers that this is not a normal finishing school, it is an institution for the fine art of finishing… others. She is trained to always act like a lady, but with ulterior motive of espionage. She is exposed to the more fantastical side of life, learning about werewolves, vampires and evil masterminds and more specifically how to be a world-class spy and assassin herself.

Each book in the series is a year completed in the finishing school, which gives it a similar feel to the Harry Potter series, however it is much lighter and written with fun in mind. It is written for young girls, with an easy style and light moments of comedy, suspense and fantasy.

As an added bonus to get you fully involved in Sophrinia’s life and the finishing school. There is a fantastic website that has been put up for this purpose. So if you’d like to go see for yourself how to defend against a vampire, click here

For now there is only one book in this series that has been released, but we are patiently looking forward  to 5 November 2013 for the next one to head our way and while you wait for your copy, have a look at this trailer that has been put together as promotion for the series.