Crossroad is a good old revenge story, but with a couple of twists and turns that leave you feeling awed by God’s grace and mercy.It is a story of redemption and so much more than just coincidence.

Michael who is still heart-broken after losing his wife and daughter arranges a meeting under false pretences with the man who murdered them six years earlier. Clef, who had no intention of hurting Michael’s family, is a little unstable and had an unhealthy obsession with Michael’s wife, which lead to an accident that caused her and her daughter’s death. He spent six years in jail, after which he was released due to the evidence not being concrete enough.

This led to Michael’s plan to deal with Clef himself as the justice system was obviously not doing a very good job. He arranges to meet Clef in a diner under the pretence of offering him a job and as he waits for Clef to arrive, a whole group of events take place to ensure that he has time to rethink his plan. As a non-believer you can put all of these random moments down to coincidence, but at some point you’ll have to stop believing it’s all just a coincidence and accept that God is busy working.

I was impressed by the quality of this film with regards to the actors and cinematography as, I am sad to say, I usually don’t expect much from Christian films, because for the most part they are shot on a tight budget. However, I am excited to say that I am seeing a rise in this industry when it comes to the quality of work. CROSSROAD has an interesting storyline where you want to see what’s happening next and it keeps you focussed to try and figure out where it is going, but along with that there are still a couple of weak points. In certain places things are moving just a bit to slow and the momentum is lost, which leads to having to build the suspense all over again and the action scenes feel a bit forced instead of real, which can be credited to some of the acting and props, but mainly the directing and editing of the shots.

In conclusion, it is a good film to watch for the story line and message behind it, but it’s not yet the “keeping you glued to screen” quality that I know they are slowly but surely moving into. If you’d like more info on CROSSROAD, go have a look at their site or find them on Facebook.