Bountiful Brioche

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Name: Brioche

Location: 181 Main Rd, Walmer, PE

Business Hours: Mon – Fri 7:15-16:00, Sat 8:00-15:00

Contact Details: 041 581 2136

Speciality: Fresh Breads and Home Made Yummies

Rating: 8/10

Our current Coffee and Cuisine restaurant is a beautiful, light, comfy space with a cottage feel to it in Main Road Walmer. I’m sure you would’ve noticed the red and white stripes painted on the boundary wall as you drive past this absolute gem in our city. It is aptly named as Brioche is a type of bread that can almost be called a pastry because of it’s added goodness in the form of butter, eggs and sugar. Just so Brioche in Walmer can be called a bakery with amazing treats, but it’s got added goodness in the form of sit down foods, coffees and great service.


The Good Stuff

As you walk in, there is a buzz of activity as people are enjoying there meals with delicious coffee and using this lovely space to catch up with old friends. I often find myself feeling claustrophobic if it’s too busy and staff are rushing around to get people served, however at Brioche it was a positive buzz in the air, even though they are really busy and behind the scenes are probably chaotic, you feel at ease with every need attended to with perfect timing.

Ilse and Celestine

Celestine and Ilse working hard to please everyone

Tin Plate Porkies and Beans

Yum Yum

You have a couple of ways to enjoy Brioche’s quality goods, either by sitting down for a quick coffee and pastry or by rushing through for some take away fresh bread and eats, or even sitting down to delight in a delicious plate of food for breakfast or lunch. They have a wonderfully diverse menu with something on it for everyone to enjoy. It oozes creativity in the  different options, such as a ‘blikbord’ (old school tip plate) with beans and porkies served on freshly bakes ciabatta or rye bread to haloumi cheese with tzatziki, salsa, egg and mushrooms on the same delicious bread options for breakfast.


We were fortunate enough to get a space on the couch, which is a gorgeous soft spot against the one wall of the shop, with little tables close by for your coffee or meal. Then there is also an outside area where you can enjoy the fresh air and spacious backyard or you can even sit on the stoep in front of the shop and watch the people come and go.

Fresh Baked Bread

Fresh from the oven

If you have little ones and a trip to a restaurant is quite daunting, there is a beautiful creative space just for them to enjoy and entertain themselves with.


Ready for Take-Aways

Sweet Treats




Here you can see the delicious breads and sweet snacks that are waiting just for you to pop in and sweep them up as take-away. I can vouch for the pecan-nut-pie, it is truly amazing! Even my husband, who despises nuts, enjoyed this to bits.  If you are on your way to a friends for tea, you have to stop off here and get something sweet to go with it. These goodies are perfect as a house-warming gift as well and they come beautifully wrapped and packaged, which makes you even more exited to dig in.  And on your way out there’s a basket or two filled with goodies like home-made biscotti and meringues to enjoy on the trip.



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