Safe Haven


Category: Romance, Drama, Thriller

Age Restriction: 16 SV

Length: 116min

Well known names: Josh Duhamel (Las Vegas), Julianne Hough, Cobie Smulders (How I met your                                 mother), David Lyons                                                                                 Rating: 8/10 

What a beautiful story, based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks who is an American novelist and screenwriter with eight of his seventeen novels adapted to films. The most famous one probably being ‘The Notebook’.

I felt like it was time for some romance after all the action films that we have been watching and how cool was it to find that it wasn’t a soppy love story with no content, but rather had some action, mystery and suspense added into the mix. This is a film that both hubby and myself can enjoy, yay!

The opening scene is very mysterious, where you see a young woman running through a dark street barefoot with only a light bag of stuff. She looks shaken up and dirty from a struggle of some sort. She knocks on a door seeking help and is quickly allowed in by an older woman. From here we see this mysterious women with changed hair boarding a bus, while a police offer is trying to find her and she escapes to a small seaside town.

As you get to know her better, she grows on you as a soft and gentle person, but keeps her distance from most people and is quite skittish of the police. Through the film bits and pieces of what happened on that mysterious night unfolds, but never really enough for you to understand what’s happened and whether she is innocent or not.

This can’t be a Nicholas Sparks film without the beautiful nature shots and serene setting, of course we also cannot forget the romance! So to not give too much away, this young woman starts opening up her heart to a young widower with two children in this small town and together they make you feel all giddy and bubbly inside. However, reality quickly comes to haunt her when he finds her on the wanted list for first degree murder at the local police station.

With a plot full of suspense and a couple of twists, this film keeps your attention the whole way through. There is a beautiful balance between the soft, giddy moments and the more intense and action shots. The actors did a great job with their roles and the kids were adorable, you could feel the chemistry between dad and kids as well as between the love struck adults. It seems that Nicholas couldn’t stay away from that famous rain scene in the notebook, where they row on a lake in a beautiful setting and the rain starts to pour down on them… In this case it was a smaller canoe and it wasn’t quite as big a built up as in The Notebook, but it still leads to a beautiful moment between them.

With regards to the age restriction, this is definitely less explicit than most other films with this restriction in violence and sex. There is a bit of violence in this film in the form of domestic abuse, you see a bloodied knife as well as a person getting shot. However, you don’t see any bloody or gory scenes and there is no unnecessary swearing that jumps out at you. With regards to the sex aspect, there is one sex scene that is very tastefully done where you see bare shoulders and there is one kissing scene that get’s a bit carried away, but it’s not explicit.

It is a well put together film that most people can relate to and enjoy as it deals with real issues that we find in everyday life, while adding in that extra bit of hope and belief in second chances.