Caring for your Body

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Throughout the month of May we are celebrating Head to Toe Beauty with the ladies from F.A.B Women. Every week we’ll update with information on taking care of a different part of your body. Today’s topic is focusing mainly on your midsection.

When you mention the word mid-section a lot of ladies start squirming, especially if you’ve had kids as things just aren’t the way they use to be in your teens. Invariably the conversation moves on towards the topic of slimming. Some ladies look forward to the challenge of slimming down and some see it as daunting, so today we are sharing some advice on the machines that can help you do the job.

Firstly, let’s have a look at the two main body types that we struggle with:

Apple – The Apple body shape has a higher BMI (Body Mass Index) and is a body with a rounded mid-section. This body shape puts you at a greater risk of heart disease as a lot of fat get’s stored around your organs. So it is very important to exercise and get your heart rate up.

Pear – The Pear body shape has wider hips than shoulders and gains weight in the thigh and bum area. This body shape usually struggles a lot with cellulite and has less health risks than the Apple Body, but still needs  to exercise and get the heart rate up as they usually see slower weight loss than the other body shapes.

No matter your body shape, you are born with a certain amount of fat cells and they don’t get more or less. They always stay the same amount, but they do get bigger. The cool thing is that exercise and a healthy diet helps to keep them small and in place as they should be, so it’s very important to make that a part of your lifestyle and to keep your body fit and slim.

However, we know that often it feels like even though you work out every day and eat healthy you are not losing any centimetres and that can get one feeling down. That’s when we call in the miracle workers and get them to break down some of the fat cells for us, so that we start seeing a change sooner.

One of the machines that they use at F.A.B Women is called Liposlim and it  uses radio frequency to help break down the fat cells and improve the circulation. you can only treat one area of your body at a time and not all over, so it does take a couple of sessions. It helps you to lose centimetres as it breaks down the toxins and fat, draining it into your lymph system which the works its way out through your bladder. With this type of slimming, you need to keep yourself hydrated and drink lots of water to help flush out all the toxins.

Then for those of us struggling with the cellulite factor they also have warm heat pads that are used to help tone the muscle and improve cellulite, as unfortunately, no matter how skinny we are, cellulite is a problem most women have to deal with. Before a treatment, your skin will have a risen dough “dimple” effect and afterwards it will be firmer and smoother as if you’ve kneaded the air out of the dough. The area will be a bit sensitive after the treatment, but Photon Light Therapy doesn’t pinch so it won’t hurt and they don’t use a laser so there is no chance of burning or permanent damage. As an added bonus it’s actually healthy for the area as it rejuvenates and stimulates the cells it’s working on.

No matter how much help you get from these miracle workers, it is good to remember that you still need to keep your body healthy with exercise and a wholesome food. There is no point in losing the centimeters if you are just going to put them back on and above that, you need to keep your body healthy. This means exercising and getting your heart rate up the good old fashioned way as the machines won’t be doing that for you , not yet anyway…

A good tip is to look at how you prepare food and not always what or how much you eat. Often by changing our cooking method, we can greatly improve our diets and health. Whatever your body shape is it’s important to combine both cardiovascular workouts along with healthy nutritional habits to both increase ones over all health as well as ones sense of wellness.

Zelmarie and Karen from F.A.B Women are sharing the beauty basics from head to toe with us this month. For more information you can go have a look at their site and tune into Kingfisher FM every Monday between 11:00 and 11:30