The Letter Writer


The Letter Writer is a good heart warming story for the whole family to watch. It’s the winner of quite a couple of awards like ‘Best Show’ at the Accolade awards, ‘Audience Choice’ at the Lancaster Children’s Film Festival and the ‘Gold award for children and family program’ at the Prestige Film Award.

Maggy Fuller is a young teenage girl whose life has its happy moments especially when she is jamming with her band, but for the most part she is quite alone. She has a bit of a rebellious streak in her, but it’s not the naughty kind. Her mother is often disappointed in her and her father hardly sees her as a part of his life, as he has remarried and has a new family to care for. One day she get’s a mysterious letter in the mail that tells her what a sweet girl she is and that she will grow up to do great things.  She doesn’t know anyone that would have sent her this letter and neither do her parents know Sam Worthington as it was signed. As she tries to find the writer of the letter, her search leads her to an old age home and she discovers that the writer doesn’t know her at all, yet he seems to know her better than anyone else does from what he has written.

From here this story unravels to be one filled with encouragement and joy as we learn to reach out to other people with what we have and to look out for moments to encourage people from all walks of life. Sometimes we need to create those moments and go outside with the intention of blessing someone with a kind words. So whether you’d follow Sam’s example and write random letters to strangers or walk in the park and stopping someone with a word of encouragement, find what  God has put on your heart and  go and do it.

As Maggy finds this purpose in herself, a lot of crazy hings happen around her as she loses her friends, her band breaks up and her father moves far away. this has the potential of leaving her feeling more lonely than ever, but instead of breaking down she keeps strong and carries on growing in this new-found self.

The Letter Writer is a heart warming and touching story that can reach out to lonely people, parents, teenagers, old people and families. The acting is great and the film well put together. It’s got its happy moments and sad ones where you wipe away the tears and the over all message and story line is a great one that everyone will be able to take something from. No wonder it received so many awards.

If you’d like to find ou more about The Letter Writer, go have a look at their website and find them on Facebook.