Taking Care of your Legs

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Throughout the month of May we are celebrating Head to Toe Beauty with the ladies from F.A.B Women. Every week we’ll update with information on taking care of a different part of your body. Today we are focusing on the legs and all that they entail.

One of the big complaints that we usually have about our legs, have to do with our veins. The two most common concerns being varicose veins and spider veins. These problems can either occur as you get older or because of your family genes as they are passed on through the generations. If you do a lot of high impact sports or find yourself standing a lot in your line of work, you also have an increased risk of developing these conditions. Often you’ll have aches and swelling that come with them and it’s important to go to your doctor and get it treated to alleviate the aches and pains.

Varicose Veins: Abnormally stretched or swollen veins that protrude from the surface of the skin. They are the result of faulty vein valves or weak vein walls. It’s a progressive disease that can eventually lead to a number of symptoms, so it is important to seek medical treatment early to diagnose and stop the natural progression of this disease.

Spider Veins: Also known as broken capillaries are dilated capillary veins less than 2mm that exist just below the surface of the skin. They are blue, red or purplish in colour with a web-like appearance to them.

Going for regular massages is also a great way of dealing with aches and pain in your legs, but it is very important to keep your therapist up to date with your condition. If it is quite severe they won’t be allowed to massage in that specific area or will need to lighten the pressure, so keep them in the loop and together you’ll be able to alleviate the pain’s intensity.

If you have aches and pains in your legs and the doctor has cleared it from any of the above mentioned problems, a deep tissue sports massage might just be the thing to get them back on track. If you have a job that’s requires a lot of standing around and your legs are aching a good massage will help to just relax all the muscles and alleviate some of that tension.

If you are active and often take part in high impact sports you must book yourself in for a sports massage on your legs.  It helps to break down the lactic acid build up and get’s them ready to perform without those aches and pains again. This is perfect if you have just finished a major race or are about to compete in one and you’d like to start with “fresh legs”, so to speak.

The different type of massages that they have available at F.A.B Women are:

Aromatherapy Massage – You use Grape Seed Oil as your carrier oil and add different aromas to it according to what your body needs. You have ones for relaxation, stress relief, anti-depression etc.

Hot Stone Massage – This might seem strange to some people, but its an amazing way to help your muscles relax. It’s a warm treatment that makes use of lava rocks, which have a magnetic field said to help with drawing the impurities out of your body.

Candle Therapy Massage – Still quite new to our local market, but it is also a great way of relaxation as it makes use of the warm candle wax as a massage medium. The wax has a butter texture to it as it’s made from Soy butter and usually jojoba oil. For the massage it is at room temperature, so not too hot and it also smells amazingly with the same effects as aromatherapy with your different fragrances.

Along with all of these amazing treatments it is also important to give your legs a good exfoliation every now and then to get rid of the dead skin cells, decrease your risk of ingrown hairs and to have beautiful skin that’s ready for a shave or wax session when it’s needed. Here are a couple of ways to exfoliate at home:

Body Brush – Get a body brush at your local beauty store and give your legs a vigorous brush down every now and then to get rid of the dead skin cells. this is a dry method, so can be done just before jumping in the shower.

Scrub – Here is a great recipe that you can try out as a scrub to use at home. Take some Grape Seed Extract oil or Olive oil (from the pharmacy and not the cooking kind) and mix it with some salt. Rub it all over your legs to get rid of the dead skin cells and moisturise at the same time.

Extra Tip: If you are in need of a good detox, pour a whole packet of Epsom Salts in your hot bath water and enjoy the soak in the tub while detoxing. Have some filtered or distilled water on hand to ward of any symptoms like headaches after the detox session.

Zelmarie and Karen from F.A.B Women are sharing the beauty basics from head to toe with us this month. For more information you can go have a look at their site and tune into Kingfisher FM every Monday between 11:00 and 11:30