The Measure of a Man


This is a heart warming real family story about Donald P Baily, written from the perspective of his daughter. We experience the rich family life that he lived for right until colon cancer got the better of him, it’s a story that every father should watch to see just a glimpse of what a great father a real man can be.

Both Donald and his wife Emogene grew up in very poor conditions. When Donalds parents passed away he was sent to an orphanage and at the age of fifteen had to leave and fend for himself. When Emogene was fourteen they decided to get married and lying to the court about her age, set out to start a life of their own out of the grips of  poverty.

Donald was a charming father of nine with a household that knew who their leader was and what was expected of them. He is described as a mans man in the film, with set ideas about a woman/man’s job and he knows that his biggest calling is to be a good father to his children and a great husband to his wife.

Throughout this film Elizabeth tells us her fathers story through snapshots of his life and especially sharing the special family moments that they all enjoyed together. From the simple tasks that got allocated to them everyday to how to fit this family of 11 into one car, there is never a dull moment. We see a Godly example of disciplining, sharing , caring and mostly loving in this man and his family. He was a hard-working man who had a song for every occasion and every member of the family. Even though it was not always met with enthusiasm they are still singing his songs two generations later.

If you’d like to get more information about this film, go have a look at their facebook page or website and you can also order your copy from there.