The Aztec Kitchen

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Name: The Aztec Kitchen

Location: Cnr Parliament & Whitlock St, Central

Business Hours: Mon – Sat  8:00-22:00, Public Holidays 8:00-12:00

Speciality: Roosterbrood and Home-Made Lemonade

Rating: 6/10

In Coffee and Cuisine we take a look at some of our local restaurants and eateries and we tell you all about them. What the atmosphere is like, who it caters for, what price range you are looking at and what mood you need to be in to enjoy an outing to the specific place.

This week we are taking a look at The Aztec Kitchen, which has been around for a while in the Central area, but have recently moved to a new building with more space and freedom to do what they do best. Khanya and her mother started out with a catering business that grew quickly until cooking was an everyday affair. This led to the logical move of opening their own restaurant to cater for their growing business.

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Three weeks ago they moved to a new space, labelled as the creative hub in Whitlock Street, Central. It’s a beautiful old house that’s been renovated to make room for local businesses that fit in with this funky style. At the moment The Aztec kitchen is the only business that has moved in, but two more are on their way in the form of a clothing boutique and photography studio.

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Interesting Art on the Wall

The Aztec Kitchen is definitely not your average restaurant in town, as they have a different way of doing things. Firstly as they are situated in the Creative hub space they have embraced their own creativity by having interesting art painted on the walls and making use of colourful wooden tables and chairs. To add to their different flavour they have a new way of looking at traditional cultures and mixing them up in the experience that you’ll get. The restaurant has a township flavour with a modern twist, so you’ll get you burger served on proudly South African roosterkoek and your drinks will come in recycled glass bottles with a straw.

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Cute Glass Bottles for your Drinks

There is no false glamour about The Aztec Kitchen, but rather an earthy, real feel that especially artists will enjoy. While we were there, quite a couple of students popped in to enjoy the smoothie of the day and lounge around while catching up on some work or with friends. My favourite on the menu has to be the home-made lemonade that makes you gasp at its lemony sweetness… Perfection

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Daily Specialties

They have a very colourful menu with loads of goodies to choose from. You can get breakfast, lunch or dinner as well as some tasty desserts and they’ll all have that signature Aztec Kitchen twist to them. Along with the sit-down menu, you can of course also order platters for any event and they’ll put together delicious snacks ready for you to pick up on your way. They aim to use organic goods in their cooking and have a new veggie patch out front that will soon be showing the fruits of their hard labour. If they don’t grow it themselves, they will source organic food elsewhere to use.

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Their prices are very reasonable, with light meals costing around R45 and as a bonus you can bring your own bottle of wine to share as they aren’t licensed. They do have your normal drinks on sale and also snack’s that can be shared at the table, but if you would like an alcoholic beverage, you can bring your own.

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Lazing Around

The Aztec Kitchen is the ideal place for you if you’d like to experience a different culture and flavour. Be sure to take along good company and be prepared to sit back and enjoy the chilled pace over good food.