Beauty Q&A Part 1


This month we are starting a new series with Estelle Cunningham in our beauty chat’s and it is all about those questions you have asked about make-up and general beauty tips. Each week I’ll upload a couple more questions and Estelle’s answers as our sessions air on Kingfisher FM’s beauty slot.

How do I make my make-up last the entire day, especially eye make-up?

Not all skin types want make-up to stay looking perfectly fresh, you get some that just eat up the make up and it disappears or an oily skin which just doesn’t keep your make-up on for the whole day, the best tip here is to make use of some powder to set the make up after you have gone through the normal routine of cleaning and nourishing your skin. If you have a very dry skin, it is important to exfoliate, not only does it stimulate your oil glands but it also get’s rid of the flakes of skin that fall off throughout the day with your make up on them., but be aware to avoid using powder if you have a dry skin. The best make you can have is a healthy skin, so take care of it and all the others will fall in place.

Then taking a look at some products that could help, there is an amazing thing called primer on the market which is ideal to make your make-up stay for longer. It’s a thin cream that makes your skin feel like velvet when you apply it and it helps to grip your foundation to your skin. you don’t need to use much at a time, which is good news as it’s not inexpensive and when you use it, it acts as a pore filler and smooths out the skin to give you an even finish. The other option is to search for a foundation that has silicone in it, which also helps to keep it on your skin.

You also get a primer that’s specially designed for your eye-lids and for eye make-up, but if you’s like to go the more affordable route why don’t you give this a shot? Estelle recommends wetting your brush with a drop of water before applying your eye shadow as it moistens the powder which make is stick better to you foundation/skin and then you blend it in after it has dried. Don’t use too much water, just a drop that’s already around the basin and you won’t have any problem with your eye-make up fading too fast.

Can I make my summer colours work for autumn or do I need to throw them away?

Firstly, you should invest in basic colours that work with your eyes and accentuate your natural colour. If you have those colours, you can use them straight through the year and won’t need to throw anything out. Every now and then we do have some colours that just don’t work so well in autumn as they did in the summer months, just keep them on hold for a while until the season changes again and if you had a lot of fun by adding bright fashion colours to your kit this season, you might want to keep them aside for fancy dress parties or for the kids to play with as the chances are that they won’t still be fashionable by next year.

Hubby doesn’t like to dish out kisses when I’m wearing lip gloss, any advice?

Unfortunately our beautiful glossy pouts can put men off from kisses for a while, as they weren’t meant to be kissed, but rather to tease. They are gooey and everything just sticks to them for ages, so they are only perfect for your entrance statement or a photo’s. When going on a date night with hubby rather opt for a more natural look on your lips and keep them invitingly soft with a light lip balm. There are some great long stay lipsticks out there that you can try if you do want to add some colour. They won’t come off and make marks on everything, just be sure to look out for one with a soft lip balm and not a lip gloss attached. On the note of what not to put on your lips for date night, steer clear of the RED lipstick as well. It has a reputation for showing up everywhere when kissed and is not so easy to get off.

Quick Tip: For a kiss that will tingle his lips, you can try a minty lip balm which might just add an extra spark to your night. But shhhh… don’t tell him your secret.

When I accidentally apply red lipstick beyond my lip line, it stains. What’s the best repair strategy?

Red lipstick has a very high pigment which means that it stays on your lips for ages and doesn’t come off so easily when we want it to, so for this scenario we are going to say that prevention is better than cure. Rather avoid getting any of it on your skin by always using a lip liner to outline your lip and then fill in the lip with that same pencil. It wil keep the colour on for longer and it helps you to define where the lipstick should go. When applying the lipstick, use a brush to do so as it will give you more control and less chance of going over the lines.

Another amazing product on the market is a see-through liner that you put onto the outline of your lip to prevent the colour from bleeding. It helps you to keep that perfect pout for longer without any colour streaks making it’s way out of your lip line.

Is there a way to make my face look slimmer with make-up?

With make-up there is always a way for most things. The question here should rather be whether you can do it and still look natural. Unfortunately not, this technique works very well for camera work and possibly low light situations, but it’s not a natural look that you can where everyday. The effect you are creating will be an illusion, which is the same as wearing a white dress with black on the sides to make your body seem shapely and slimmer.You will need two foundations, one that is your correct colour and one that’s a bit darker. The correct colour will be applied down the centre of your face and the sides of your eyes while the darker colour will be applied to the parts that you’d like to seem smaller. So the darker colour will be applied underneath your cheekbones,down the sides of your nose and underneath your chin. You’ll have to shape it in according to the contours of your face and you’ll have to blend it in really well while keeping it maintained. If you are at a photo shoot with a professional make-up artists, this will be possible as they’ll be able to constantly touch up, but in real life you’ll just end up looking dirty.

What tips can you give a woman who wants to start preparing her skin for a big occasion?

This is a very important question as you have to start preparing your skin before a big event and not just last minute as it approaches. If you hardly do anything to your skin and want to do a facial a day or two before your big day, DON”T. You will just break out in spots as the purpose of a facial is to deep cleanse and to bring all the impurities in your skin to the surface. You can expect the break outs to continue for the first two or three months, so to be on the safe side start preparing your skin at least 6 months before your big event. Ideally you should be going once a month or every 6 weeks to maintain your skin and if that’s to much for you, keep in mind that even every two or three months will be better than nothing.

My lashes are short and stubby, is there a way to make them grow longer?

Yes! There is a product available at most beauty salons, skin specialists and beauty houses that makes your lashes grow. It comes in a tube that look like liquid eye-liner with the same type of applicator  It’s a clear gel liquid that you apply every night on your roots, the same as liquid eye liner and once they get to the length you want, you just maintain it by applying once or twice a week. If your eyes or skin get irritated after a while, just stop for a day or two to rest it and then start again. Remember that this product lengthens and does not thicken your lashes, so if you want thicker ones then mascara is definitely the way to go. Just make sure that you get one that says volumizing.

Estelle Cunningham is an internationally renowned make-up specialist. You can book a consultation or make-up lesson with her on and if you’d like to ask some questions feel free to comment on this post and we’ll add it into our next series. Tune in on Monday’s between 11:00 and 11:30 for the beauty chat’s on Kingfisher FM.