Side Effects


Category: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Age Restriction: 16 LSV

Length: 104min

Well known names: Jude Law, Rooney, Mara, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Channing Tatum

Rating: 8/10  

Side Effects is a wonderfully suspenseful film to watch. it has a slow build up in line with the main character’s emotions of depression, but as the story unfolds it keeps you captured in the second half as you didn’t see the twists coming at all.

The plot revolves around Emily, who is depressed and knows that she should be feeling better as her husband has just been released from prison, and her psychiatrist whom she meets after trying to commit suicide. He put’s Emily on antidepressants and after complaining that they don’t work she asks if she can’t try a new drug called Ablixa. He agrees and this drug causes her to sleepwalk and leads to her doing something terrible while having one of these episodes. Fingers start to point at her doctor for prescribing her this new drug and it leads to him questioning whether he has been set up and if so, how can he fight back?

It is a great plot that keeps you thinking, but you do need to be aware of some of the graphic scenes that are definitely not for under 16’s. There is a murder (by stabbing) as well as more than one strongly suggestive sex scenes that show nudity. Language is strong in this film, although not constant and there are a couple of strong argumentative scenes between the characters. Drug’s are the strongest theme that runs through this film, but it also opens up an important topic that can be discussed in the family.

There isn’t really any positive influence that can be taken from this movie, it is purely a fictional scenario that get’s your mind working and intrigued.