Beauty Q&A Part 2


This month we are working through a series with Estelle Cunningham in our beauty chat’s and it is all about those questions you have asked about make-up and general beauty tips. This is week 2 in our series and each week I’ll upload a couple more questions and answers as our sessions air on Kingfisher FM’s beauty slot. If you would like to have a look at Part 1, click here

What is the trick to applying black liquid eye liner?

This definitely is a tricky one that comes with lots of practice for most and yet some people do it with ease. the first step is to get a magnifying mirror to work with as it just makes everything to do with make-up easier. Look down into the mirror while laying your hand flat against your temple, pulling the skin around your eye tight so that it’s supported. Then you will start from the outside corner of you eye, staying as close to the roots as possible, drawing a line to the middle of your eye and then starting at the inside corner of your eye, joining the line in the middle. The reason why we don’t start on the inside corner is that if you have a lot of product on your brush, it will lead to a big blob on the inside corner which will smudge all over, where it is okay if your line is a bit thicker on the outside corner narrowing out towards the inside corner, so if you have a steady hand and lots of practice you can do that in one sweep. We don’t recommend using a waterproof liner, as it’s a mission to get off if you do make a mistake and will affect the rest of your eye-make up that you’ve already done. Another tip with wearing liquid eye-liner is to remember that it can make quite a bold statement, so rather wear only that with some mascara and perhaps bold red lips. This way there will be minimal collateral damage while you are practising your steady hand.

Is red lipstick my only option when I wear a sexy red dress?

If you are a mature lady, the answer is yes. We seem to fade more at night-time the older we get, so to prevent that from happening we embrace the brighter mouth and that gorgeous red dress. The other option is to go for a very pale mouth, something beige and not pink , with dramatic eye make-up. If you have a small mouth, this is definitely the way to go.

Is there a way to make lip-gloss last longer?

Unfortunately no matter how hard you try, lip-gloss just doesn’t stay. There are some makes that last longer than others and you can test that for yourself by applying them to your hand and seeing which one stays, but in general there isn’t much you can do about it. So keep your on hand in a bag or even in your cleavage for quick fix-ups every now and then.

Winter is here and I’m looking paler by the minute, how can I keep my summer colour?

There are ways to keep some colour, but they aren’t natural and they also don’t look it. Rather embrace winter for what it is and take care of your skin by exfoliating and moisturising regularly. Then add some healthy colour to your cheeks and lips to give you that fresh winter look which is so beautiful and different to your bronze summer colouring. Find a pretty pink, burgundy or berry colours that you like and make your skin rosy and warm while embracing your lighter colouring. Why would we want to look the same all year round?

 What’s the best way to get rid of facial hair once and for all?

There are many methods to get rid of facial hair and unfortunately most of them aren’t pleasant and none of them are permanent. You can try electrolysis, sugaring, waxing, laser, tweezing, epilators, threading or even depilatories, but whatever you do decide on NEVER EVER SHAVE! you’ll find that some of these techniques will work for you and others won’t, they might result in rashes and break-outs or give you a pretty and hair-free face. You won’t know until you try. The most effective method seems to be laser therapy and it keeps the hair away for quite a while, but it will still grow back at some point. As we said, never ever shave it, as it will only harden your skin and make the hair more hard and stubborn. The big thing to take note of is that you are not alone, many women have superfluous facial hair and do all kinds of things to maintain it, so chat to your friends and find out what methods work for them as well. Remember that a little bit of blonde fluff on your face is not something to be worried about, it’s not unnatural or ugly and trying to change it will only lead to it growing back worse.

What do you recommend teens do to cover up problematic skin?

It’s important to remember that prevention is better than cure, so the first step is to help them avoid fizzy cool-drinks and oily foods as they are major causes of breakouts. Encourage them to keep their skin clean by washing it regularly with a soap free and water-soluble product. If they have just come off the sports field, get them to at least rinse the sweat and grime off their face with cold water to prevent it from seeping into the open pores. Then when it comes to concealing pimples you medicated concealers on the market that are specifically made for drying out pi pimples and covering them up. So you will use just a little bit and pat it on with your finger, don’t rub it, just pat it on lightly. You can’t use this all over your face as foundation as it will dry your skin out, just apply to the individual spots. You can use a very light foundation all over if you feel you need more coverage, but then you’ll have to ensure that you wash it all off before going to bed, so that you don’t allow it to make your skin even worse. As we said in the beginning though, prevention is better than cure, so start working on keeping your skin healthy from the inside and then use the medicated concealer on the most obvious spots that appear.

How do I look and feel good while travelling?

When you are travelling you’ll probably be spending a lot of time on an aeroplane with air conditioning and no space for your beauty routine. The first thing to keep in mind is that no one will be looking at you on the plane and you also don’t need to look perfect while travelling, but rather look good when you get to the other side. So once you are settled give your face a good wipe and keep your skin moist by frequently applying a colourless moisture mask (the bright green one will have to stay at home), also have some eye drops on hand for if your eyes start feeling a bit dry. When supper time arrives it is usually the perfect time to head to the bathroom, as everyone is busy eating and you can have it to yourself for quite some time to brush your teeth and touch up some light make-up if you’d like. To achieve this, the trick is to order a special meal (lactose free, vegan, cholesterol) that you will receive before anyone else get’s their food, this gives you the time to finish your food and get to the bathroom by the time the other passengers are eating (clever! we know). And for another clever hint, when you land at your destination you usually have to wait a bit for your luggage to arrive, so rather use that time to head to the bathroom, apply your make-up and freshen up. As you come back, you can just sweep up your bags and meet your people while looking gorgeous. No one would say you’ve just spent 16 hours on a plane.

Estelle Cunningham is an internationally renowned make-up specialist. You can book a consultation or make-up lesson with her on and if you’d like to ask some questions feel free to comment on this post and we’ll add it into our next series. Tune in on Monday’s between 11:00 and 11:30 for the beauty chat’s on Kingfisher FM.