The Dying Hours – Mark Billingham


The Dying Hours is the 11th book in the Tom Thorne thriller series and already Mark is working on the next one. This is a compelling crime thriller with lots of suspense and it’s very well written to keep you interested in what will happen next. As it’s part of a series, each book covers a specific case that Tom Thorne is dealing with and over the years we get to know him better along with all the ups and downs in his career and personal life.

In the last book, Tom messed up quite badly and consequently got demoted back into uniform. He is still an inspector, but hardly has any rank and doesn’t have the freedom that he used to when making decisions about cases. When a couple of old people commit suicide in London, it seems quite straight forward as this happens often enough to not raise any eyebrows, but Tom suspects that something else is going on. Of course he takes this thought to his superiors, but they don’t take him seriously and laugh in his face, which leads to him deciding to solve this mystery his own.

The first page in this book is quite gripping and intense, opening up with a suicide scene that twists at the end and reveals the plot for this book and Tom’s latest case. It is quite a dark concept and the book is written very realistically, so you can expect detail when it comes to explaining the crime scenes and the crimes themselves.

If you are a Tom Thorne fan, this book will not disappoint as it continues to grow Tom and  the other characters as it’s done over the years. It’s great to see a series where the cases change every time and the characters also develop as time moves on. Obviously you get your recap moments in this book, to explain to new readers (and to remind the old ones) why certain things are the way they are and also why certain characters are behaving in a certain way. This does however not detract from the story and it’s also not in full detail which makes you feel like you are reading the previous book again.

Mark has done another great job with his latest book in this series and we are definitely looking forward to the next one. If books aren’t entirely your thing, you can also be on the lookout for the Tom Thorne TV Series that’s out and get to know the character from a different perspective.

To find out more about Mark Billingham and the Tom Thorne series, go check out his site. Here’s a short video where Mark chat’s about his latest book and also what’s to come.