Hopeful Notes


Hopeful Notes is an uplifting story about creating hope in a space that is empty of life. This is a drama that reminds us how privileged we are to have our health, how privileged we are to be able to smile, how privileged we are to be creative and to make music.

Alex is an Italian engineer in Russia and one day he accidentally crosses paths with a young boy called Dima who is from the children’s hospital. He decides to take Dima back to the hospital where it’s warm and is then introduced to the rest of the “family”.

While Alex visits Dima and the other children, it becomes obvious that there is little hope in this hospital and not even the kids expect to get better. There aren’t any funds to for the extensive treatments that these children need and their parents can’t afford it either. To make matters worse, the lady in charge of the hospital believes that sick children shouldn’t have fun or do silly things as all their energy should be used to help them heal. Her heart is in the right place, but this leads to a dull and boring life in the hospital.

Alex who enjoys playing and seeing the children laugh, starts to encourage them to have more fun. Around this time a young boy who is extremely talented in playing the violin arrives at the hospital and together they discover the beauty that music can bring to this place. They decide to team up and arrange a fundraising concert with all the children taking part and in doing so they hope to raise enough funds to support the needs of the patients.

Without giving too much away, this an emotional story which tugs at your heart-strings with scenes of poverty and hopelessness. It’s especially tough to see in young children and to know that there are many similar situations all over the world. However, it does end up being a beautiful story of hope and an excellent example of how we should look out the box and use what God has given us.

The acting in Hopeful Notes is not always that brilliant, but it does have its strong moments and the story is powerful enough to keep you drawn in. the best part about this film is definitely the soundtrack, it has the most beautiful music playing throughout the scenes. If you have a look at the trailer below, you’ll get a small sample of what it sounds like.

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