Beauty Q&A Part 3


This month we are working through a series with Estelle Cunningham in our beauty chat’s and it is all about those questions you have asked about make-up and general beauty tips. This is the final part of our current series, you can follow these links if you’d  like to have a look at Part 1 and Part 2

What’s the best way to cover up a nasty cold sore?

You don’t. You need to treat it so that it can heal and dry out before you apply anything else on it. As soon as you start feeling the telltale tingle of a cold sore, head to your doctor or pharmacist and let them give you some ointment and medication for it. If you feel that you have to cover it up, make sure that the lip liner or lipstick that you use is an old one that can be thrown away afterwards. A cold sore is highly contagious and you’ll just get it again if you use the same products after they have been contaminated, also don’t share stuff with anyone else. the best advice for cold sores is to let it heal and dry out and draw attention away from your mouth by wearing bold eye make-up.

Is there a way to prevent my lip liner from making an obvious ring around my mouth?

Yes indeed, it does look a bit strange when our lipstick comes off and all that’s left is this outline of our lips. The way to avoid that is all in how you apply your lip liner. Draw the line on the edge of your lip in the same colour as your lipstick and then colour the rest of your lips in with the pencil. A lip pencil is drier than a lipstick, which means that it will stay on for longer and keep an even shade of colour all over. Then you apply your lipstick as usual for that soft, glossy look.

What is the difference between tinted moisturiser and foundation?

Tinted moisturiser is a lot lighter than a full foundation. If you have a good skin and just want to add a hint of colour without too much effort, a tinted moisturiser is the way to go. It adds some colour while moisturising your skin and gives you a healthy glow that looks natural.

If you need more cover, then using a full foundation will be better. You can also get the same result as a tinted moisturiser by mixing some of your normal moisturiser with your foundation and applying that to add some colour, but not too much cover.

A new trend product on the market is the BB cream which most beauty houses have now and that is just as amazing for a quick fix that has it all, it’s the same concept as your tinted moisturiser, but has a bit more pigment and cover. So it moisturises, covers, adds colour and glow as well as gives you the SPF you need for the day, all in one convenient product. A lot of women also don’t like wearing foundation as it truly shows up imperfections if we aren’t in a habit of taking care of our skins. However the BB cream cover along with moisturising those dry patches and evens out your complexion with a healthy glow. It’s a great product to try if you don’t enjoy a lot of fuss.

How do I choose a the right foundation?

There are two things you need to look at when purchasing your foundation:

Skin type:  If you have an oily skin, you need to get an oil free foundation and if you have a dry skin, get one with extra moisturiser (a BB cream will work very well here).

Skin colour: It is very important to choose the right colour for your foundation that matches your face the best. Apply the colour to your jaw line in natural light and see if it matches your face and neck, as you only want to apply foundation on your face and you also don’t want that obvious colour difference between your face and your neck. you can always use a bit of bronzing powder to match up the colour with your chest, but you don’t want to get your clothes grubby with product around your collar.

What are some common beauty mistakes women make?

Black Eye-Liner on the Bottom of the Eye – it makes your eye look smaller. Rather use a grey colour or try to steer away from it completely. Your eyes will look bigger if you just apply on your top lid on the lash line.

Face and Neck are different Colours – See the previous question to see how you should choose your colour and shade it in. Also don’t use your summer foundation on a winter face as there is a big difference in your skin colour through the seasons.

Dark Lip Liner – Use a lighter colour that matches your lipstick and also blend it into the whole mouth and not just on the outer line.

Clumpy Mascara – Old and cheap mascaras tend to go clumpy. if this is happening to yours, use a dry mascara brush to brush away the clumps and also avoid putting mascara on your bottom lashes.

What are some of the must have products to have in my kit?

Concealer – For those days when you wake up with dark circles and don’t have time to do the whole routine.

Foundation/Tinted Moisturiser/BB Cream – Depends on what works for you , just make sure it’s got a strong SPF in.

Black Eye Pencil – For one quick line on the top-lash line and you can even add a bit to the top of the lid and smudge it for a heavier look.

Good Mascara – Only apply to the top lashes

Bronzing Powder – For that quick healthy look. If you are older and have heavy pigmentation,  rather steer clear of this one as it enhances brown pigments.

Blusher – For the more mature ladies, opt for a cream blusher as it doesn’t sit in the folds and is easy to apply. Go for a soft peach, pink shade to warm up your face.

Lipstick – Just a bit of colour for those drab days.

Estelle Cunningham is an internationally renowned make-up specialist. You can book a consultation or make-up lesson with her on and if you’d like to ask some questions feel free to comment on this post and we’ll add it into our next series. Tune in on Monday’s between 11:00 and 11:30 for the beauty chat’s on Kingfisher FM.