Monsters University


Category: Comedy, Family, Animation

Age Restriction: PG

Length: 108min

Well known names: John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, Billy Crystal

Rating: 8.5/10 

Monsters University is a cool, fun and entertaining animation for the whole family to watch. It is the prequel rather than the sequel to the original Monsters Inc film from 2001, where we were introduced to characters such as  top “scarer”, James P Sullivan and his assistant and best friend, Mike Wazowski. In Monsters university we go back a couple of years to the point where they both join the best “scare” university to become top “scarers” and even rivals.

If you are a Pixar fundi, you might say that this film is not a masterpiece as we have come to expect from Pixar originals, but with that said even their mediocre films are better than a lot of others on circuit. Monsters University is not a brand new concept that spins your mind with its magic, but it is a fun film that you’ll adore if you have loved the first one. We are reintroduced to the world of monsters from a different angle, with new faces and old ones welcoming us back. The story fills out as we get to know the main characters and their backgrounds much better and we learn life lessons along with them.

The generation that really enjoyed the original film when it was released in 2001 are now on their way to university and so I think Monsters University is more aimed at entertaining them with a comical look at this new step in life, rather than for the younger children that you’d think. With typical student behaviour and social standards, this film will resonate with any teenager and as usual there is a lot of grown-up humour that all will enjoy. Younger children will also enjoy it for its bright colours and interesting looking monsters, but it might be a bit scary for them as the point of the monsters are to look scary and frighten little children. There is also one scene where they aim at scaring adults, which has a haunted house feel to it and is quite eerie.

Monsters University will make you laugh and remember your awkward student days along with encouraging your teen to work hard for their dream career. You learn to accept yourself for your strengths and to make the most of your opportunities. It’s still the family friendly entertainment that you are never to old to watch that we have come to love from Pixar and even though it might not be the latest genius film, it’s still a positively fun story with powerful messages that hit home with everyone.