The Wolverine


Category: Action, Adventure

Age Restriction: 10-12PG LV

Length: 126min

Well known names: Hugh Jackman, Tao Okamoto, Rila Fukushima

Rating: 7/10 

We have been waiting quite a while for the next stand-alone Wolverine film to hit our screens and now it is finally here.

In this part of Logan’s life he is still mourning Jean’s death and he wishes that he could join her. Unfortunately he has super healing powers and doesn’t age, so death is not something that comes easily. He has given up on the title Wolverine and lives a recluse life in the mountains, doing as little as possible to be noticed and going by his birth name, Logan.

On one of his outings into town he is approached by a young woman who asks him to go to Japan with her, where a friend from his past is busy dying. They were in the Nagasaki bombing together and Logan saved his life, in return he’d like to thank him before he dies.

However upon arrival you realise that this old friend actually wants more from Logan than just goodbye. He wants the gift of life and immortality, which he believes Logan can pass on to him. From here a series of events ensue where Logan’s healing powers are decreased and while trying to save lives, he is getting weaker and weaker because his body isn’t restoring itself as quickly as in the past.

For the first time ever, he is vulnerable and out of his depth, yet he still has the unmistakable Wolverine courage, strength and character. As usual you can expect some humour, a bit of romance and a lot of action from this film. The only warning that I would put out there is that it’s not meant for a younger audience. It has its gruesome moments and has quite a couple of swear words, which could have been left out.

The Wolverine has all the right ingredients to be a successful Marvel Comics film apart from being entirely family friendly, however I felt that it was lacking the surprise factor. Everything felt very  predictable and for someone who was impressed with the first film in this stand-alone series and looking forward to this one, I was disappointed.

It is a good film with all the right lines, moves and tricks. I just wish it was that little bit better.