The true You

image 2This month we are working through a series in our Beauty Segment along with Kerry Leigh Wilson from New look Image Consultancy, that teaches us about our image. Not just any image, but your true image.

Taking a look at your colouring, body shape and dress personality will open up a whole new world when it comes to dressing for the true you. You’ll look more radiant, flatter your figure and be completely at home in the outfit that you’re wearing.

Looking good is a science. Yes you read that right, it’s a science that works with your body shapes, lines and colours reacting to the objects around you.

You don’t just happen to look good by chance, your hair colour, eye colour and skin tone all create a genetic balance and using math, art and science formulas are created that help women of all ages, shapes and sizes look their best.

Throughout this series Kerry will teach us how to make the right decisions when it comes to our clothes, make-up and hair, which will allow you to be true to yourself while looking fantastic!

Your image tells the world who you are, so the first thing to remember is to not dress like someone else or compare yourself to anyone else either. God created each one of us completely different and beautiful in our own way. Now you might wonder what you should dress like and if you don’t know where to start, start with your personality. In matching your image with your personality you’ll always feel comfortable in your outfit, no matter the occasion.

There are 5 dress personalities and you can be a mixture of these:

1. Creative

Who: These are the arty ladies who always find new ways of wearing their clothes and is very individual in their look.

Tip: Mix and match different garments and textures. Wear chunky knits with a floaty dress. Experiment!

2. Dramatic

Who: These are the ladies who love to be noticed. they are always socializing and making a statement.

Tip: Wear bold contrasting colours in medium fabric. Wear statement pieces, the bolder the better.

3. Romantic

Who: These ladies love pretty things and love to pamper themselves

Tip: Wear luxury fabrics such as silks, satin and cashmere. Wear clothes with soft detail like beading and frills.

4. Classic

Who: These are the business women who value quality more than quantity or fashion. It’s timeless, elegant style.

Tip: Wear practical outfits. Co-ordinate separates with clean lines and minimal accessories.

5. Natural

Who: These are the ladies who like to be comfortable. They are usually very active and their style begs for movement.

Tip: Wear loose-fitting clothes (fit 2 fingers between body and clothes, not shapeless). Wear good quality materials. Make use of simple lines.

Lastly, keep in mind that nothing ages you more than dressing out of fashion or trying to be in fashion, but not quite getting it. We need to use fashion to be our tool to look good for our current style, but don’t make fashion your style. When you are young and in your twenties you can still play with fashion and experiment, but as you get into your thirties, try a sophisticated look. Go for a more smart and refined style from your forties and older, where you make use of clean cuts and quality materials.

Kerry Leigh Wilson created New Look Image Consultancy with a clear mission – to help people feel good about themselves. You can book a consultation with her on or meet up with her on Facebook or at her Website. Tune in on Monday’s between 11:00 and 11:30 for our beauty chat’s on Kingfisher FM.