What’s your Colour?

Colours 2

This month we are working through a series in our Beauty Segment along with Kerry Leigh Wilson from New look Image Consultancy, that teaches us about our image. Throughout this series Kerry will teach us how to make the right decisions when it comes to our clothes, make-up and hair, which will allow you to be true to yourself while looking fantastic! Today we are focussing on the importance of colour.

Colour is the fastest and easiest way to look good, but not everyone can wear the same colours. If you have a more yellow undertone then you’ll more radiant in clear bright colours with warm undertones, but if you have cool undertone those same colours would make you look dull and sick. When you wear the wrong colour you people notice the colour first, but when you wear the right colour people notice you as a person first. That’s what you want!

This has to do with light. Colour is a reflection of light and when you wear the wrong colours, they radiate a different amount of light than your body. And the difference in light casts a shadow over your face which makes you appear drained and your wrinkles and blemishes appear darker. But when you wear the right colours in the same value, hue and clarity as your body, it radiates the same amount of light which causes you to look radiant, healthier and even younger.


This is a measure of the colour that a certain object is. Every hue will be either a predominant Warm or Cool, however some will have a combination of the two, which is described as neutral.


This measures the lightness or darkness of a colour, Typically light colours have tints of white added to it. Dark colours have some shade of black added to it.


It means a colour’s clarity or saturation. A bright yellow is considered saturated and clear. Mustard on the other hand is more of a muted yellow.

To know what you colour season is, it is bet to go for a professional analysis to ensure that you get the right advise on what colours go best with your skin tone. There are 12 colour seasons, so it can be quite tricky to find the one you are if you don’t have an eye for that. Each season also has a different combination of hue, value and clarity which you need to know in order to choose the right colours with your skin tone.

Wearing Black:

Black is a very harsh colour that only 20% of woman can wear, the rest look drained. You might feel slimmer, but are in actual fact drawing attention to your body as people noticing the colour and not you.

  • So wear it away from your face.
  • Wear a colourful scarf, a low neckline and jewellery to break the black.
  • Accessorize with your colours so it is not so harsh on your skin.
  • Blacks in thicker textures like wool and cotton because they don’t radiate as much light as silk or satin
  • Every season has an alternative to black, the best black that everyone can wear is charcoal.

Colours that everyone can wear:

These are balanced colours that have the same amount of blue and yellow undertones, which makes it posssible for everyone to wear.
  • Soft White
  • Teal
  • Coral
  • Sky Blue

Extra tips:

Wear your natural hair or eye-colour as these are already complimenting your skin tone. If you have dark brown eyes, you’ll also look good in a dark green colour.

Remember these colours aren’t only for clothes, but also for your hair and make-up as that completes the radiant look instead of wearing colours that don’t suit you at all.

Kerry Leigh Wilson created New Look Image Consultancy with a clear mission – to help people feel good about themselves. You can book a consultation with her on info@mynewlook.co.za or meet up with her on Facebook or at her Website. Tune in on Monday’s between 11:00 and 11:30 for our beauty chat’s on Kingfisher FM.