Tod & Copper Prohibition Bistro


Name: Tod & Copper Prohibition Bistro

Location: Cnr Stanley & Edward St, Richmond Hill (Fathers House Church)

Business Hours:  Tue & Sat  9:00-17:00, Wed – Friday & Sun  9:00-22:00

Speciality: Interesting drinks

Rating: 8/10

Tod & Copper is a fun space that’s all about enjoying good food along with amazing drinks while lounging around with your favourite company. As the title mentions, it is a prohibition bistro, which means it is an alcohol free zone and this was very interesting to me, as their claim to fame is the fabulous drinks that they make.

The idea behind a place like this comes from the prohibition period in the United States when the selling of alcohol was illegal and together with Father’s House Church, Denzel Heath (the owner at Tod & Copper) is breaking boundaries with his business as it is definitely a first for PE, but quite possibly a first in South Africa as well. Never mind the fact that it’s situated in a church building     

2013-08-17 12.32.30

Denzel is professional bartender and has years of experience in the food and beverage industry, you can expect all his expertise and creativity in the dishes and drinks on the menu. Through Tod & Copper Denzil wants to show that Christians don’t conform to a specific box that people put us in, but rather that we can be at the forefront in what we do. In his case that is the food and beverage industry. He believes in celebrating his love and relationship with food and drinks along with his love and relationship with Christ together. Which means that you don’t have to settle for anything less than exceptional at Tod & Copper Prohibition Bistro.

2013-08-17 13.36.062013-08-17 13.24.31Some of the interesting tastes available include a variety of hand crafted ginger beers in amazing flavours like Chilli and White Chocolate or Strawberry and Thyme. They’ve got speciality coffees, and teas such as Caramel and Hazelnut Macchiato’s or Mango GreenTea as well as speciality craft beverages which are filled with creativity of which my favourite is the Big Mamma! One of the drinks that you have to order just to see them make it, is The Old Widow Tweed. They make use of coffee siphons, food smokers and syrups that they have made themselves. All of this is done in front of you so that your drink is an experience to enjoy with all your senses. They also have tasty shakes with interesting flavours like Blood Orange Espresso and then of course non alcoholic beers and wines.

And that’s just the drinks, the food menu was created around the drinks to compliment all the tasty flavours. On offer you have some great thin crust pizzas, cool desserts also presented in jars and a couple of other goodies such as buffalo wings, burgers, chicken schnitzel etc. This is definitely a place that has a variety to choose from whilst still keeping it simple and tasty.

Have a look at Cameron making my Favourite Drink at Tod & Copper

The whole space oozes the look and feel of the prohibition era. It’s got that old-world charm to it and all over you have pieces on display that just transports you into that world. I could spend the whole day just fiddling around with the décor.

2013-08-17 12.29.14From the rugs to the couches, the cutlery and the paintings on the wall, it all works together to help you escape time and place. Even the waiter’s outfits consist of  old-fashioned waistcoats and bowler hats.

2013-08-17 15.02.13

Cameron and Zen – Service with a Smile

We enjoyed everything that we experienced at Tod & Copper, from the food to the drinks to playing guitar hero and dominoes. Yes that’s right, this is a place where everyone will be satisfied. Not only your hunger, but also your craving for fun. On Wednesday and Thursday nights they usually arrange entertaining evenings with board game challenges and dress up parties. To be part of the next fun night out go have a look at their interactive Facebook page and book your table!

This is definitely a place to Eat, Drink and Lounge to your hearts content.