Shopping for Spring

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This month we are working through a series in our Beauty Segment along with Kerry Leigh Wilson from New look Image Consultancy, that teaches us about our image. Throughout this series Kerry is teaching us how to make the right decisions when it comes to our clothes, make-up and hair, which will allow you to be true to yourself while looking fantastic! Today we are focussing on shopping! I know, what can anyone teach you about shopping, right? Well today we are just going to look at some basic principles that makes the trip easier on your feet, closet and wallet. And of course with Spring being around the corner, we have to share some advice on what the big must have items are for the season.

Shopping Tips:

Throughout this series so far we have looked at identifying your dress personality, colours and body shape which gives you a major advantage when you go shopping. You save money, because you no longer buy costly mistakes and you also save time in the shops , because you know exactly what works for you and what doesn’t. Therefore…

Tip 1 – Know your Body Shape and Colours.

When you go shopping for clothes you tend to go into a couple of stores trying on many different items. This can be quite frustrating if you are wearing lots of layers and complicated items of clothing. Therefore…

Tip 2 –  Wear clothes  and shoes that are easy to get in and out of.

Often we get side tracked and look at many different items at all the stores that we pass on our trip, but before get to our favourites we’ve got tired feet, rumbling tummies and bad attitudes. Therefore..

Tip 3 – Don’t waste time. Map out your favourite stores and hit them first.

When you get home after a full day of shopping you often find that you’ve got some random items that just don’t fit with anything and you probably won’t even wear it more than once. To put the cherry on top you also realise that you completely blew your budget and now will have to live on 2min noodles for the rest of the month. Our aim is to buy fewer clothes, but have more outfits to wear. Therefore…

Tip 3 – Budget and plan on both the money you’ll be spending and the clothes you’ll be                    buying. 

Tip 4 – Decide what items you need and how much you willing to spend on them. Whether it             is an investment or fashion purchase.

Tip 5 – Only buy items of clothes that go with 3 things in your wardrobe already. Avoid                      impulse buys

And lastly remember that the sales assistant is there to sell to you. So of course she will be friendly and say you look amazing in the garment. The more expensive – the more amazing you will look. Therefore…

Tip 6 – Don’t fall for the sales assistants charm.

Dressing tips for Spring:

Spring is a wonderful time for fashion, this is when we can mix our summer and winter clothes for a light layered look.

The ‘it’ colour this spring is white, all the famous designers showcased white on the runways. However, white is a hard colour to wear so be wise in the items that you choose, keep it away from your face if it doesn’t flatter you and use it in your accessories.

Other colours that are big this spring are the bright and bold ones. Unfortunately, these are also not the most flattering colours on everyone, so again, choose your items wisely.

Stripes are big this Spring, bold stripes, horizontal stripes and vertical stripes. They are all over the place. Wear the right stripes in the right places ladies, remember that horizontal stripes make you appear wider and vertical stripes make you appear slimmer. Know your body shape and dress accordingly.

Bermuda shorts are making their way back onto the runway. These are flattering for most woman, just make sure that they end just above the knee and never on the knee.

Low heels are creeping back into style, but chunky wedges are still in. At the moment you can have fun with both.

And the must have accessory this spring are the statement sunglasses. Big, small and any colour, as long as they make a statement.

Kerry Leigh Wilson created New Look Image Consultancy with a clear mission – to help people feel good about themselves. You can book a consultation with her on or meet up with her on Facebook or at her Website. Tune in on Monday’s between 11:00 and 11:30 for our beauty chat’s on Kingfisher FM.