Life with Lemons

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Name: Life with Lemons

Location: 278 Main Road, Walmer, Port Elizabeth

Business Hours:  Tue – Fri 7:30 -15:00, Sat & Sun  8:00 -14:00

Speciality: Lemony Deliciousness (Lemonade and Lemon Meringue)

Rating: 8/10

Life with Lemons is a small coffee shop that has very recently opened in Main Road, Walmer. Lynda, the owner, use to have another well-know coffee shop here in Port Elizabeth, but after falling ill, she had to sell the shop and tend to her health. After a while she realised that being in the coffee shop industry and working with people is what she does best and she decided to open up Life with Lemons. It’s a testimony to her journey with the lemons in life and how she has chosen to not give up, but rather, to make lemonade. And boy oh boy, it is delicious…


                                     Mmm… Tasty Lemonade with still or sparkling water 

At Life with Lemons you can expect a good variety in food choices, drinks as well as desserts. Whether you want to do a proper Sunday lunch or perhaps just a chicken burger, you will find it all on the menu, beautiful displayed on your plate and incredibly tasty to eat

Sunday LunchChicken Burger

A proper Sunday Lunch or a juicy Chicken Burger with a real chicken fillet for a patty… Tough choices

On a chilly day this is a great spot to hang out inside or on the stoep as you’ll find warm, cosy blankets at every table to keep you warm on the outside. From the inside they have a variety of drinks that you can try out, my favourite being the Hot Chocolate with a difference.

Hot Chocolate

Delicious Chocolate Spread mixed with Hot Milk and topped off with tasty treats

This is a great spot for families to get together with a special seat for the little ones to keep them entertained. Attention to detail is one of Life with Lemons strong features as you are surrounded with pretty things from the start. There are beautiful words, pictures and ornaments all over the place with vibrant warm colours drawing you in. Whether you are inside or out, you’ll always feel the warmth and charm that Lynda has brought to the place.

Family Kiddies

Space for everyone in the family

For tasty treats, meals and drinks with family and friends, do pop in to Life with Lemons! Have a look at their Facebook page for more info or pop onto their site. When you visit, please try the lemonade… It’s the best in town! Perhaps even ever… And the good news is that they sell the syrup, so be prepared to walk away with bottles of this goodness!