Category: Family, Comedy, Animated

Age Restriction: PG

Length: 96min

Well known names: Ryan Reynolds, Snoop Dogg, Michelle Rodriguez, Samuel L. Jackson

Rating: 8/10

Turbo is a fun family animation that has a strong message for the under-dogs in life. It isn’t a new story with fantastic new ways of thinking, but it is still a story that will resound in everyone’s hearts that watch it.

Theo is a normal snail wanting nothing more than to be fast. His hero is the fastest motor racer and he cannot stop watching and learning all he can about races, speed and cars. One night he miraculously gains super-speed and after leaving home and meeting up with a crew of street-wise snails who also enjoy thrill of living fast (not quite as fast as super-speed) he ends up achieving his dream of entering one of the biggest car races, the Indy 500 under the name Turbo.

The characters in the story are fun to watch and listen to as they are all incredibly unique and played very well. The idea of what life would be like as a snail is quite precious to watch and I often felt guilty about those that I have tramped on in my life. The realism that comes through in the small things, such as the lighting on the motorway at night is amazing. It gives the film a real-feel to it, instead of just play-play. Another way that they strengthen the realism is by incorporating the way society shares all that happens in life via social media and the internet. One of my favourite scenes is where a little boy took a clip of  Turbo racing and says ‘Wow, that snail is fast’, this clip then goes viral on the internet and it even ends up being a song which is so true to what happens today. Here’s a peek at that part:

The strong message that comes through in this film is that no dream is too big and no dreamer too small. We can all achieve amazing things if we don’t allow circumstances to hold us back. Along with this thread, we also see the importance of friends and community supporting each other in their dreams and working together to realize the impossible.

This film might not be the latest big hit on the big screen, but at the end of it I had a smile on my face. It is easy, light-hearted and has a good message of encouragement. I think it’s worth the watch.