Thor: The Dark World


Category: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Fantasy

Age Restriction: 10-12PG

Length: 111min

Well known names: Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Hopkins

Rating: 7.5/10

By now, we are no foreigners to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and we have seen the different characters, worlds and heroes come to life on the big screen. We have experienced the climactic build up to Avengers last year and looked forward to seeing how on earth they will be able to improve on it. This is a challenge that Marvel Comics is not shying away from, already having released two films since then and keeping us waiting in anticipation for three more to head our way in the next year.

Thor: The dark world, is the 8th instalment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it picks up the storyline about 2 years after the original film and 1 year after The Avengers. In this film we see Thor fighting leading armies in battle as they are fighting to restore peace and order to the nine realms, he proves to be very successful and seems ready to take over the throne. However, his heart is still on earth with Jane even though his father disapproves.

Jane on the other hand has been pining away, waiting for Thor to return, but in two years has not seen or heard from him apart from on the news during the Avengers in New York saga. She get’s herself into some trouble while exploring a scientific anomaly and becomes infected with the Aether, which is the cause of darkness and has been around before the universe. Thor, who has been keeping an eye on her, immediately comes to her aid and takes her to Asgard to be treated.

The film starts off with a narration telling us about the dark elves who were planning on destroying the universe using this Aether as a weapon and they were only just prevented from doing so by Thor’s grandfather. The story told that the Aether and all the dark elves were destroyed, but now we know that is not true.

A series of events unfold as the dark elves attempt to get their hands on the Aether and eventually Thor turns to his brother for help. Loki, who we saw as the villain in The Avengers, is locked up in a cell in the Asgard dungeons for his war crimes that he committed on earth. He plays a vital role in helping Thor to wage war against the evil forces that try to get their hands on the Aether, but we are never sure if we can trust him or not.

The same recipe that we see in most of the Marvel films is once again used in Thor:The dark world. We have our damsel in distress, our unfailing hero, an enemy that seems all-powerful and a traitor in close ranks. We know what to expect from the film and it’s ending, which I felt made it quite predictable. However, if you have followed the stories thus far and you are a massive fan this will be no exception.

This film is high budget with amazing imagery, effects and costumes. It is well executed and put together, with actors who know their roles and play them well. Jane’s character is a bit floaty and she doesn’t really come across as strong as she intends to, but it’s a minor detail when you look at the fullness of the film.

You can expect a good, clean film for everyone that’s an action fan and to be sure you are hooked to the next release, there is a bit of a twist in the plot at the very end.

I’ll leave you with my favourite line from the movie by Dr. Eric Selvig:

There is nothing more relaxing than knowing that the world is crazier than you are

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