The Hunger Games: Catching Fire


Category: Action, Adventure, Thriller

Age Restriction: 10-12PG

Length: 146min

Well known names: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Woody Harrelson, Liam Hemsworth

Rating: 8.5/10

The second instalment of the hunger Games Trilogy was released this weekend, after much anticipation all over the world. I just want to apologise upfront if you feel that I am biased in this review, as I am really a big fan of the storyline and have read all the books twice since the first film was released.

With that said, this film was definitely done well with most critics giving it good reviews and all fans adoring it. The storyline takes a new spin, where the focus isn’t so much on the Hunger Games themselves, but rather on the rebellion that seems to be rising in the Districts and the war for power that is slowly escalating between the Capitol and them.

Katniss has become the face of the rebellion by openly defying the Capitol when she made Peeta agree to eat the berries instead of one of them having to die in the first film. Even though all of this is all about survival to her and she couldn’t care less about the bigger picture, she starts to see how people have been given hope by what she did and this ultimately leads to President Snow keeping a close eye on her and her family.  No matter how hard she tries to get everything back to normals, Pandora’s box has been opened and nothing she can do or say will dampen the districts fighting spirit.

In this film we see how our characters have grown into their roles and as in the first film I can definitely say that  the casting is perfect. Jennifer Lawrence gave an impeccable performance as Katniss, drawing us into every emotion as her world is falling apart and chaos is around her. You feel the ups and downs in this film as though you are actually there experiencing it for yourself. Josh has become more confident in his role as Peeta and Woody Harrelson play’s an alcohol dependant Haymitch as if the role was written for him.

Some of the negative comments about this film is of course the age-old tale of it not having all the details from the book as part of the story. However, they did a great job with sussing out the important stuff and carrying it through into this storyline. There are some areas where you feel you’d like more information, such as not knowing the opponents in the Hunger Games arena instead of just a specific group of fighters that are working together. In the book this is the same, so you can’t really expect there to be more information if it wasn’t part of the original story.

Everything that’s of importance has been included in the film and even though it might seem like there are loose ends, watch out for the third instalment that will tie them all together. At this point it seems that the third book’s story will be split in two, which will allow for a more accurate version to be told on-screen.  Catching Fire upped the level of what we are expecting from the Hunger Games trilogy, with a bigger budget, amazing costumes and great actors. I can not wait to see how the rest will be executed,

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