December Challenge


Let’s influence our city with love!

This December we (Kingfisher FM) have an exciting challenge to share with Nelson Mandela Bay and everyone who is passionate about their city.

Everyday a new task will be loaded for you to complete as part of the December challenge to love our city. Some will be easy, some will be fun and some might be more stretching and daunting, however all of them will leave a smile on your face and someone else’s.

Today I want to encourage you to not take part in this challenge because you feel guilted into giving and caring, but rather because you are¬†passionate about our city and want to see it even more beautiful than before. Let’s start looking at our city through new eyes and instead of seeing the broken pieces, let’s see the opportunities to make a difference.

Let us know how your challenge is going by uploading photo’s or just telling us about it. You can find us on Facebook or Twitter¬†and follow the thread with #LoveOurCityNMB and #DecemberChallenge.

So join us from tomorrow as we are doing small things everyday this month to uplift our city.