December Challenge Day 2

Praise Someone

Praise someone for a job well done

We often work so hard at a task and hope that someone would acknowledge the effort we have put into it. Even if it is something mundane like cooking supper or perhaps it’s a putting together a successful big event. The point is that everyone feels the need to be appreciated for who they are and what they do.

Today we challenge you to take note of what the people in your life are accomplishing and to praise them for a job well done. It can be a celebratory cupcake, a firm handshake or even just a word of encouragement. Let’s build our city by building up our people.

Let us know how your challenge is going by uploading photo’s or just telling us about it. You can find us on Facebook or Twitter and follow the thread with #LoveOurCityNMB and #DecemberChallenge.