December Challenge Day 3

Cook a Meal

Make a meal for someone

If you are anything like me, you jump at the thought of a free meal. Not because you don’t have to pay for it, but because you don’t have to think about what you’ll be making for supper, buy the ingredients, do the chopping, cook it with the hope that it’ll taste good and then watch others gobble it up while you prepare yourself to do the dishes. Yes, being fed by someone else is certainly answer to prayer to many mothers, working professionals or just accident prone people.

Today, we want to challenge you to be the answer to someone else’s prayer and to offer them a meal at your table or theirs. Think about your neighbour with the new-born baby, or the stay-at-home mom who’s got the flu. What about your grandparents who have shared so many a meal with you that they put together. Or just a really good friend that you’d like to say thank you to. Give them a call and let’s get cooking!

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