December Challenge Day 25

Homeless person

Invite a Homeless Person Over for Christmas Lunch

We love celebrating around food, so it goes without saying that most of us will get together with family or friends today and have a delicious Christmas lunch. Along with this lunch, we’ll probably have way too much food left over at the end of it and our gluttonous bellies will be so full that we can’t even stand up.

Today we challenge you to invite someone less fortunate to join you at your lunch. Share your home, food and hearts with this person. Tell them about the meaning of Christmas in your family and why you celebrate. Let’s open our homes and ourselves to those in need.

Let us know how your challenge is going by uploading photo’s or just telling us about it. You can find us on Facebook or Twitter and follow the thread with #LoveOurCityNMB and #DecemberChallenge.