The Wolf of Wall Street


Category: Comedy, Crime, Drama

Age Restriction: 16 LSND

Length: 181min

Well known names: Jon Favreau, Leonardo DiCaprio, P.J. Byrne

Rating: No Rating 

The Wolf of Wall Street is and based on a real-life memoir, centred on Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio), a hard-partying, drug addicted New York stockbroker, who refuses to cooperate in a massive securities fraud case that involves widespread corruption on Wall Street and in the corporate banking world, including mob infiltration. Unfortunately we only got to experience the hard-partying drug addicted side of the film, during which we decided to leave the cinema.

A quick summary of this film would be constant nudity, sex, foul language, drug abuse and profanity. With the emphasis being on the constant. It is not a film that I could recommend to anyone. Not because of a dismal story-line or bad acting, but simply because none of the good can be appreciated or noticed when your eyes are closed half the time trying to block out all the disturbing images.

I do understand that the point of the story is to show us the absolute farce that the characters are living and how their life is one big party with loose morals and no self-control. However, I don’t understand why they felt that it was necessary to do it in such a tasteless manner.

Here’s a short summary explaining what I mean, taken from Common Sense Media‘s review:

The main character cheats on his wife, marries a new woman, and then cheats on her with an array of prostitutes. In one scene, he snorts cocaine out of a prostitute’s anus. Many of the traders at his firm are shown briefly having raw, graphic sex with prostitutes and other women. Oral sex is suggested several times. There’s copious female nudity, as well as male bottoms. A female character teases the main character by opening her legs in his general direction, though nothing’s shown to the camera. A shot of a large orgy of gay men is shown. There are several references to masturbation, and in one very brief shot (so quick viewers might miss it) a masturbating man’s erect penis is expose

Language is very strong and constant, mostly involving “f–k” and all permutations, but also “s–t,” “c–t,” “c–k,” and just about every other obscene word imaginable. Also anti-gay slurs.

Afterwards it got me thinking me thinking of another Leonardo film release last year where life was also one big party, with loose morals and no self-control… The Great Gatsby. Yes I know it’s completely different and that it was made with a glamorous feel in mind, yet it also proves that there are many ways to tell the same story and for The Wolf of Wall Street it was chosen to go with the crass feel that leaves you cringing with almost every scene.

For me that was reason enough to leave, even though the storyline was intriguing and it’s been getting great reviews everywhere else. I can’t say whether the ending justifies the crudeness, but with nothing easing up after over an hour’s watching I can tell you to rather pop in for a different title at your local cinema. The Wolf of Wall Street won’t add any value to your life, except to show you in explicit detail what cost you pay if it’s all about self-gratification.

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