Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit


Category: Action,Thriller

Age Restriction: 13 V

Length: 105min

Well known names: Chris Pine, David Paymer, Keira Knightley, Kevin Costner, Peter Andersson

Rating: 7.5/10

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit brings the so loved character, created by Tom Clancy, back to life with Chris Pine having the honour of becoming the fourth actor to star as Ryan on the big screen. We got used to seeing adaptations of specific Tom Clancy novels with actors such as Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck each playing the role. However, Shadow Recruit is not an adaptation of any specific novel, but rather an original story telling us more about how Ryan came to be this CIA agent and it is also dedicated to Tom Clancy who died a couple of months before the films release.

Chris Pine, who you’ll know from the latest Star Trek films, stars as Jack Ryan who leaves his studies to become a U.S Marine after watching the 9/11 bombing happen on television. While serving in Afghanistan his platoon’s helicopter is shot down and he is left with serious injuries that could leave him unable to walk. During his rehabilitation, he attracts the attention of Thomas Harper, a CIA agent who is impressed by Ryan’s ability to recognize complex patterns. Ryan is recruited and sent back to college to complete his PhD in economics, so that he can then work undercover for the CIA on Wall Street.

Here the story shoots forward ten years to where Ryan works a normal 9-5 job on Wall Street, looking for evidence of suspect financial transactions that could indicate terrorist activity. When the inevitable happens, we see the unfolding of Jack Ryan as we know him.

With a likeable cast, good storyline and well executed shots, Shadow Recruit offers easy and enjoyable entertainment. It is not the intricate film with mind-boggling twists keeping you on the edge of your seat, but it’s also not a pointless rampage of action shots and too much testosterone.

I especially liked the fact that Ryan was played as an average guy, sharing life with the women he loves and doing his job as is needed. It’s not over the top and bordering on being ridiculous, but rather has realness to it which makes a perfect film to watch on date night. Both sexes will be entertained.

This is not a very strong film in its own right, but it does have potential to branch out into a series that can be quite enjoyable. I look forward to seeing what will happen next (if there is a next).

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