RoboCop 2014


Category: Action,Crime, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Age Restriction: 10-12LPGV

Length: 118min

Well known names: Abbie Cornish, Douglas Urbanski, Joel Kinnaman

Rating: 7.5/10

RoboCop is a remake of the 1987 film which takes us to the year 2028 where a company called OmniCorp has successfully integrated robot technology in many nations around the world, except for America. These robots are used for law enforcement purposes and the people of America don’t trust machines to have the instinct and compassion that humans do.

Alex Murphy is a loving father and husband as well as a dedicated cop who is fighting crime in Detroit when he gets critically injured after a bomb was planted in his car. OmniCorp takes this opportunity to introduce the human aspect to their machines and to introduce a new product to America that is half-human half-machine. Because he is the first of a kind, some glitches are to be expected and we see how these play out when the machine side tries to override his human side.

RoboCop is an action film, with a good storyline that keeps you intrigued. It isn’t as intense as the original, yet you can still expect violence and gun battles taking place. This version did a good job of keeping the original concept and making it more family friendly while still bringing in new ideas. Unfortunately you’ll always have two sides to the coin when it comes to remaking a film and for the most part I agree that it is better to expand on a franchise, rather than go back and redo what has already been done.

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